WFMV AM is Columbia’s home for Classic inspiration and Information. Each day South Carolina’s Capitol City tunes in to its station for the interactive discussions on Politics, Health, Finance, National Affairs and Sports from an African American perspective. WFMV AM provides a holistic approach to community empowerment through our combination of Classic Inspiration and passionate dialogue targeting adults 25 plus. Guests and callers to WFMV AM’s daily Talk Shows get to promote events and activities important to them. They also get to weigh in on issues that affect the quality of life in their neighborhoods.


Through WFMV AM’s stimulating programming, the Capitol City’s long tradition of social and political consciousness plays out each day over the air, on the World Wide Web, and on listener mobile devices. Each week day, local and national programs collectively provide a healthy platform for listener interaction and a wealth of information. WFMV AM’s ‘Talking Sports’ Show touts the most experienced broadcast team in the market. It is the perfect tonic for the ‘sports fever’ caused by our local teams’ climb to national prominence in multiple sports. Classic and Contemporary Inspirational music round out evenings and overnights while the city rests. Whether through compelling discussion, cheering for the home team or inspiring music - WFMV AM's focus is to empower listeners and to improve their quality of life. In short, WFMV AM serves to makes a difference in South Carolina’s Capitol City.